Jointed Kimblewick Bit with curb chain 5 ½ B005CNWPXU
£86.30 £27.66
KImblewicks have a curb chain so are stronger than a snaffle but are milder than a Pelham Jointed m..
Kimblewick Slotted Port Mouth Uttoxeter B00ONO8EIY
£118.17 £41.59
The Uttoxeter Kimblewick Has A Port Mouth And Slotted Rings. The Kimblewick Action Is Similar To Th..
Sweet Iron Copper Roller Snaffle 509 Bits with Rollers Loose ring B07BRBGBVQ
£80.57 £23.70
Quality Horse Bits At Great Prices The Sweet Iron Copper Roller Bradoon Or Snaffle Has A Copper Rol..
Shires Sweet Iron Hanging Cheek with Copper Lozenge and Peanut Links Hanging Cheeks B00OBKGIEM
£109.34 £28.87
The Shires Equestrian Sweet Iron Hanging Cheek Snaffles Are Double Jointed With A Copper Lozenge Li..
Bradoon thin / small mouth Loose Ring Jointed Snaffle Bit To Compliment Weymouth size 5 ¼ B005DR2WFQ
£138.53 £47.21
Often used with a Weymouth in a double bridle but can be used on its own The small rings and mouthp..
Full Cheek Loose Ring Mouthing Snaffle Bit With Keys / Players 5 ½ B005DR2V4I
£123.19 £67.56
Often used on young horses to encourage mouthing The full cheek helps with turning as the bit can n..
Neue Schule Slimma Swales Pelham 14mm 7cm Shank 55 B01BQXOXZM
£274.89 £199.64
Many decades of insight into understanding the important dynamics and drivers of communication betw..
William Hunter Equestrian Quality English Leather Plain Browband For Bridle 5/8 In Width Size Full Colour Black B005F4E2U0
£80.05 £15.82
Real English leather browband To replace worn, lost or broken original William Hunter Equestrian Qu..
Sweet Iron Tom Thumb With Copper Roller Link  Available In 45 To 6 B00OCNDE9U
£88.68 £33.01
This is a popular bit because it has a similar action to the American gag, but the mouthpiece is no..
Rugby Pelhams French Link B00ONOB8WS
£101.86 £38.82
The French Link Rugby Pelham Is A Relatively Gentle Pelham Because There Is No Nutcracker Action Fr..
Flexi happy mouth Plastic Covered Continental Gag / 3 Ring Jointed Snaffle Bit Size 6 B005DR32B4
£92.40 £41.96
Kinder then a traditional metal bit as the plastic covering is warmer and softer in the horses mout..
Korsteel Sweet Iron Eggbutt Snaffle N/A 55 B002KS56KY
£130.65 £25.72
The Korsteel Sweet Iron Eggbutt Snaffle is much warmer to the touch than a traditional stainless st..
Shires Hanging Cheek Waterford Mouth Bradoon Horse Bit 60 B00BARFFRA
£133.87 £27.12
stainless steel Hanging cheeks allow a little more pressure to help encourage flexing. This Stainle..
Korsteel Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle Bit 6 B00GONWIX4
£111.50 £47.15
The Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle from Korsteel is ideal for young horses who need a little extra guid..
Economy Leather Headcollar In Havana brown Size Pony B005F4F4WK
£87.71 £37.87
Ideal for everyday use Size: Pony Colour: Havana (brown) Economy Leather Headcollar In Havana brown..
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