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  • BIRDS' INSTINCT: Good exercise for pet birds to climb up and down, help to develop birds' coordination and balance skills, beautiful and rich color will make parrot fun and enjoy the movement
  • PERFRCT FOR all small and medium birds, such as parrots, parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds, mini macaws etc.
  • BOREDOM BREAKER: To Ease The Pressure And Boredom, To Meet The Pet'S Needs Of Climbing And Biting,Conducive To Their Physical And Mental Health
  • 100% SAFE: Super Bird Creations toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure the mental and physical well being of pet birds
  • CREAT A PLAYGROUND FOR YOUR BIRD: Loveble Provide specially One Stop Shopping for those birds' lover. Give your parrot a entertainment and have hours of fun watching them play.
Ball Toys (Food Feeder) A-Only a ball: Diameter 3.54""/9CM B-Length: 11.42""/29CM Diameter: 3.54""/9CM Ball With a bell-1 Diameter:1.97""/5CM Chew Toy Length: 7.09""/18CM Width: 1.18""/3CM Chew Toy With Sepak takraw Length:5.91""/15CM Width: 9.06""/23CM Skateboard Length: 5.51""/14CM Width:1.97""/5CM Height: 1.18""/3CM Swing Length: 7.09""/18CM Width:7.09""/18CM Height: 9.84""/25CM Ladder Length: 12.60""/32CM Width: 5.51""/14CM Ball With a bell-2 Diameter:2.95""/7.5CM Bamboo Weave Swing Length: 4.72""/12CM Thickness: 2.36""/6CM Height: 10.24""/26CM

Loveble Cage Toys Boredom BreakerWooden Perches/Stand Platform For Birds/Budgies/Cockatiel/Parrot/Parakeet/MacawSet de PlaygroundAccessories for Cage B07DPKF4X5

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